New Years Eve Party, 2016

Two hour video projection over pastel on slate drawing
Concept and Execution by Dustin Grella

New Year’s Eve Party, 2016
2:00:00 Video and animation, Slate, Chalk

Collection of Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell

Animator and video artist Dustin Grella created this video on New Year’s Eve of 2015 in a New York City subway station. While the celebration continued on the streets of New York, the station is quiet with only a few revelers passing through. The video is projected on a school room blackboard slate with the scene rendered in chalk by the artist. The combination of a still illustration in register with a moving picture is strangely dimensional and slightly disconnected from time and reality. In the moments just before and after midnight, the video breaks into full animation so that the chalk screen merges briefly with the projection. This is a place where not much happens, but the constant is change and a single homeless man who never leaves his bench. Time and the years move on.