Park Landscape Animation


A Landscape Animation is a landscape painting combined with an animation putting a twist on the traditional landscape painting.  This particular piece is a drawing of the northwest corner of Madison Square Park.  Anything that is static, the trees, buildings and sidewalk, are drawn onto the slate.  Anything that moves, the people, animals and the light, are animated and projected on top of the slate.  The animations are stop-motion animations created by recording frame by frame pastel drawings on the same slate that the final images are projected onto which allow the drawing and the projection to play nice together.

A programable solid-state video player holds all of the animations and plays them back at regular intervals.  For example, the sunrise and sunset animations are played at the same time that the sun is actually rising or setting over Madison Square Park, regardless of where the piece is actually located.  Thus, if the piece is in Beijing, China, and if the sun sets at 7:15PM in New York, at 8:15AM in Beijing the piece will run the sunset animation.