reBranded Sports Cards

Conceptual Artwork
Concept and Execution by Dustin Grella

I stopped watching football somewhere around 1987.  I’m from Cleveland and let’s just say it was a toxic relationship.  Thirty years later the team I was behind was the second team in the history of the NFL to have a completely DEFEATED (0-17) season.  Now this was a team I could get behind.  We had nowhere to go but up.  A few years into it I started wanting to learn more about the players so I purchased some football cards.  They had changed a lot during that time.  One company held the exclusive rights to print football cards although, there were seemingly an almost unlimited variety of cards to choose from.  This meant that the one company would then create a variety of different branding options, that the “collectors” seemingly spend more money on because the value of the cards is fixed.

I removed all the branding from the cards, except for the name of the player and the team branding with paint pens, then started re-designing the cards.